Four Ways to Order


1.Student Order Envelopes

We will provide you with printed envelopes, giving the individual student a method for ordering and paying for their projects. If time allows you to send us the empty envelope/s we will pack that order envelope in each individual kit thus making it quick and easy to distribute the projects once they arrive.  If you would like to use the order envelopes,  please request the numbers of envelopes you will need for the entire school year.


    Phone: 612-861-5254



2.Classroom  Order Form

Print an order form and then fax the form to (612) 866-8674. Please group like items together on this form.  For example: all Kit #8’s together and

all Kit # 9’s together.  Placing like items together will help speed up the packing and shipping process.

    Classroom Order Form.pdf

    Classroom Order Form.xls

    Classroom Order Form.numbers


3.Brochure Order Form

You may use the ordering form found inside our brochure. Click this link for the 2016 order form: 2016 Order Form.

Click this link for the Teachers Order Form


4.Create Your Own Spreadsheet

If you are a “techi” and want to create your own spreadsheet on your computer because that works best for you and your records, please follow the format on the Classroom Order Form

    E-mail your order (in PDF format) to:

Order Cover Sheet

Please complete an Order Cover Sheet for each order (mailed, e-mailed, or faxed).  This form tells us when your order is complete so we can proceed with filling your order.  Your fax number and e-mail is important.  We will notify you that we have received your order. Click to download a printable copy of the order form: 2016 Order Form


Proofing Your Order

Please double-check order form/s before sending them to us.
Check the following items:

•Correct kit number, kit name, and price

•First and second choices for both fabric and webbing

•Order is legible in blue or black ink

•Color indicated: Royal or Navy - Kelly or Forest

                                         (Not Blue or Green!)



Two invoices will be enclosed with your order. Please forward one copy to your Accounts Payable Department and keep the second copy for your records.



We well deliver or ship orders within five working days of receiving your complete order.  Local deliveries will have a $14.00 delivery charge per school.  We will make one delivery per quarter/semester/trimester.  Late orders or second orders in a grading period will be shipped UPS Ground, and a shipping charge will be added to the order.


Late Orders

We prefer you DO NOT have students call in their late order!  Teachers may phone, fax, or e-mail the student’s late order.  Shipping costs will apply to student’s late order.  See “Late Orders” under Teacher Tips page.


Shipping Costs

Sew Easy Designs

Important Shipping Information

We will deliver or ship orders within five school days of receiving your complete order.  This will also apply to individuals who order from Sew Easy Designs.  Generally speaking, orders are processed the day they arrive and shipped as quickly as possible.


     Local deliveries will have a $14.00 delivery charge.


     We will make one delivery per quarter, trimester, or semester to a

        local school.  Late orders or second orders in a grading period

        will be shipped UPS Ground, and a shipping charge will be

        added to the late order.


     Orders from outside our local delivery area will be shipped

        UPS Ground or the cheapest way possible.


      Local deliveries will arrive packed in clear plastic bags with

         the school name, teacher name, and hour on each bag.

        Generally speaking, there will be two bags for each hour

        but this will depend on the type of fabric and number of kits



      Orders which arrive UPS will be packed in a box with a

        layer of paper between each hour.  The layer of paper will

        identify the hour below the paper.


      Please check your order as soon as possible after it is received.

        If there is any discrepancy from what you have ordered, we

        will correct the error immediately at no cost.


      Sew Easy Designs will e-mail you or call to verify that your

        order has been received.


      Sew Easy Designs will e-mail you or call to notify you that

        your has been shipped and will include the tracking

          number if possible.  For deliveries in our local area, we will

          contact you to let you know the delivery date/time.

6424 Newton Avenue South

Richfield, MN  55423-1114

Phone: 612-861-5254

Sew Easy Designs

Sew Easy Designs is committed

to providing quality sewing kits

 and superior service to our customers!

Donna J. Butterfield, CFCS

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Sew Easy Designs


Phone:  612-861-5254